We have recently been inundated with emails, seeking confirmation of business propositions made to individuals within and outside US, UK and Nigeria by some people claiming to work for, or to be affiliated with the Azur Group of Companies. These emails often offer the recipients “jobs” which involve the use of the recipients’ bank accounts for the payment of money owed to the Azur Group of Companies by its customers. These emails promise to permit the recipient to deduct a percentage of such payments as commission. In order to be “employed”, the authors of these emails usually request that the recipients send them personal information such as the recipients’ names, addresses, bank details etc.


Recruitment Scams

We have also recently been informed that certain emails received by members of the public, and advertisements posted on some job websites, have promised jobseekers positions in the Azur Group of Companies. These emails and websites promise that upon payment of a fee and the receipt of the recipients’ curriculum vitae, the recipients are assured jobs within the Azur Group of Companies. The contact addresses and phone numbers contained in such emails and posted on such websites are usually of a foreign country.

We dissociate ourselves entirely from any of the emails and websites described above. We believe they are part of an attempt to perpetrate Advance Fee Fraud on unsuspecting members of the public. Neither Azur Oil Ltd nor any of its subsidiaries have at any time required or requested the use of bank accounts of individuals or members of the public for the purpose of lodging money owed to Azur Oil Ltd or any of its subsidiaries by customers. Advertisements for positions within the Azur Group of Companies are usually made on our web portal and the contact address contained in such advertisements is that of head office of Azur Oil Ltd.

In the event that you receive any of the emails described above, we advise that you do the following:


Do not respond to such unsolicited business propositions and/or offers from people you are unfamiliar with.

Do not disclose your personal/financial details to anyone you do not know.

Contact the United Arab Emirates’ Embassy in your country. You may in addition also refer such mails to your country’s Embassy for investigation.

Fraudulent Website Warning

Azur Oil Ltd advises the public that “www.Azuroil.com” is the only official website for our company; and any other website bearing a similar name is NOT the official website for the company. We are aware that a few other websites may attempt to mislead members of the public into believing that they are linked to our company or website and are being used as a medium for perpetrating fraud and other illegal activities. Azur Oil Ltd DOES NOT in any way endorse, recommend or sponsor any of these fraudulent or illegal activities, or any information and material contained in these other websites.


Fraudulent Business Propositions

A specie of these emails solicit the help of the recipients in transferring huge sums of money in foreign currency, which the authors of the emails claim are entitlements from Azur Oil Ltd for some dead relations, or are monies accruing from excess crude oil sales, or have been forgotten in some dormant account. Sometimes, these emails also propose to award huge value contracts to the recipients of such emails. The authors of such emails often request details of recipients’ bank accounts, to enable them transfer the said monies, usually with promises of some percentage.

For scam mails purportedly emanating from or related to the Azur Group, we advise that you contact the following for confirmation:

Head, Corporate Communications

Azur Oil Ltd

Jumrirah beach residence,
Shams tower,
United Arab Emirates.
Tel: +971567452301
Email: info@Azuroil.com



To report any fraudulent activities referred to above please contact us: info@AzurOil.com