Azur Oil was incorporated in 2005 and is duly Registered with the Commercial Court in Rijeka
Tt-07/2699-2, 21th December 2007 of United Arab Emirates to provide full scale engineering, scaffolding, construction/maintenance, petroleum product marketing, equipment leasing, and foreign procurement in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) Oil and Gas sector of the country’s economy.

alpes-construction-site_01The company is engaged in all levels of Petroleum, civil, mechanical and electrical construction/installation works. We are into oil and gas installations and maintenance, industrial welding, fabrication, piling and foundation work, waste management service, and real estate.

Azur Oil is a leading Oil and Gas Company based in United Arab Emirates ( with Established Representative Office in the US, UK and Nigeria) with a Global range, specializing in exploration, production and distribution of a range of oil products including crude oil, petroleum, petrochemical products, diesel fuel, lubricants and natural gas.

Some of the oil products in which the Azur trades are crude oil, petroleum products, petrochemical products and natural gas.

Azur Oil is a diverse energy company with a proven track record & expertise that covers all aspects of the oil and natural gas industry from Upstream exploration and production (E&P), drilling & oil exploration, to Midstream, and Downstream, refining, distribution & logistics.

About azur oilOur company is also viable in labour supply for diverse operation, project and contract. We are major distributor of petroleum products. The company is adequately equipped with personnel and equipments to carry out efficient delivery. We have done contract/project with multi-national companies

Our company has a reservoir of construction/marine equipments which includes grove cranes, selfloader manlifts, forklift, truck, Hilux, Barges, Tug Boats House Boats, Swamp buggy ecetera.

We have recorded various jobs in Civil/Building engineering with our indigenous Civil Engineers and Architects.

We are ready to serve you better.